OFRD has a full-fledged office in Kabul, Uruzgan, Panjshir, Nangarhar and Badakhshan provinces as regional offices. OFRD has working experience in 34 provinces of Afghanistan through multiple funded projects. Nearly all management level and program staff has at least bachelor’s degrees with some having Master degrees and has experience of working with national and international organizations in Afghanistan. OFRD exclusively has 29 professional staff in programs including women staff.

  1. OFRD is member organization of Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women (GAATW) – www.gaatw.org.
  2. OFRD is official member of Open Government Partnership (OGP) in Afghanistan. OFRD’s role in OGP is to oversight Afghan Government in term of openness, transparency, accountability and advocacy. OFRD’s membership with OGP enable our close working relationship with MoMP, DMoYA, MoWA, MoJ, MoRR, IEC, ANOC, ACB, AFF, CSOs, MoLSAMD, MRRD, IDLG and media..
  1. OFRD is also official member of Afghan Women Network (AWN), and Afghanistan Network for Combatting Trafficking in Persons (ANCTIP), IOM’s TIP in Crises Working Group and Civil Society Joint Working Group (CS-JWG).
  2. OFRD has a great experience in advocacy because OFRD established a network called, Afghanistan Network for Combating Trafficking in Persons (ANCTIP) – anctip.org and ANCTIP has 30 civil society organizations as members.
  3. OFRD has a reputed local presence in central, eastern, southern and northern regions.
  4. OFRD has good experience in awareness raising, advocacy/lobbying and youth/women empowerment.
  5. OFRD has qualified and technical staff in above mentioned area.
  6. OFRD has all policies and procedures for smooth running of project activities. These policies includes finance, procurement, HR, M&E and administrative handbook.
  7. The audit reports with management/opinion letters for 2017 and 2018.
  8. OFRD is officially registered with MoMP, DMoYA, MoJ, MoRR as Returnee CSOs and have good working relationship with MoLSAMD, MRRD, IDLG.
  9. OFRD has financial strength to start and successfully implement the project.
  10. OFRD has been very successful to pass Corrective Action Plan (CAPs) and operate in Afghanistan under a professional manner where all the standard policies and procedures will be implemented. After successful implementation of CAPs, OFRD has been removed from high risk designation in 2014.