USAID – Checci / ADALAT – On going project

Organization of Fast Relief and Development (OFRD) with direct technical assistance from ADALAT is implementing  legal advocacy and community-based advocacy programs in accordance with the ADALAT objectives..These activities seeks to mobilize better-educated citizens and develop initiatives for pursuing greater recognition and respect for legal rights, by lobbying government bodies, supporting media campaigns and otherwise empowering less literate citizens through enhanced education and awareness to secure their rights to the population living within the Urozgan Province.


These activities is awarded to the OFRD, who is conducting various education and advocacy campaigns initiatives to populations residing in the districts of Tarinkot city and Dehrwood district. The duration of this grant activity is twelve months.

Under this grant, OFRD will conduct educational activities on women human rights, including the inheritance right, divorce right, elimination of gender violence, and family violence, as well as highlighting the harm of traditional practices such as Bad, Badal and Walwar.

OFRD will empower and mobilize citizens, build networks and effect change at the grass-root level within Urozgan province by disseminating advocacy information through a variety of awareness-raising activities.

Goal: To increase public awareness on Citizen’s legal rights and protection based on the existing Afghan law and Islamic Sharia through multimedia campaign and community based interventions.

Project purpose: To enhance the knowledge of Afghan citizens both women and men, who are less literate and don’t have access to justice in Urozgan Province. We aim to bring about positive changes in people visions and behaviour in term of Afghan citizen’s rights.

 Specific Project Objectives:

  • Increased awareness of 1,640 people about the citizen’s legal rights and in Urozgan province.
  • Promoted understanding of 10,000 people about citizen’s legal rights in Urozgan province through publicity material.
  • Enhanced the knowledge of 10,000 people about citizen’s legal rights in Urozgan province through provincial radio channel.