Activity Name: Election, Peace and Community Policing Program (EPCP)

OFRD has been working in the area of Elections, Peace and Community Policing known as Police-e-Mardumi (Police with the people) since 2011. Afghanistan has held six national elections since the fall of the Taliban. Unfortunately, each electoral process has revealed significant flaws in the country’s democratic framework. Both the 2018 parliamentary election and 2019 presidential election were marred by widespread fraud and tarnished the legitimacy of Afghanistan’s electoral management institutions.

OFRD believe that the peace of Afghanistan is possible through dialogue and peace-talks. OFRD provide peacebuilding education through trainings, networking and dialoguing, focusing on leadership, trauma awareness, indigenous peace processes, and conflict sensitivities and finding strength in diversity.

Community Policing undertake decentralized activities to build effective police-community partnerships for effective service delivery, accountability and ensuring security based on democratic policing principles. The movement toward community policing has gained momentum in recent years as police and community people search for more effective ways to promote public safety and to enhance the quality of life in their communities.