Project Name: Education in Emergency (EIE) / Public Awareness on Covid-19

Street Child – On going project

The project is funded by the Street Child to prevent the proliferation of COVID-19, especially for the most affected, most marginalized children both girls and boys and communities. The project contributes to the education public awareness, WASH services and distribution of awareness raising promotional materials.


  • Prevent the proliferation of COVID-19, especially for the most affected, most marginalized children and communities;
  • Prepare and plan to mitigate and manage the humanitarian impact of COVID-19, especially for the most affected, most marginalised children and communities; and
  • Respond to the humanitarian impact of COVID-19 by protecting our most marginalized children and communities.



OFRD plan to increase access to life-saving life-sustaining information at, or in advance of border crossing between Afghanistan/Iran in the Nimroz province.

  • Prepare, package and distribute information packages including essential information. These packages will use approved messages from the Protection Cluster and Child Protection AoR adapted for a low-literacy, low-resource environment and translated into local languages and dialects.
  • These information packages will be distributed door-to-door where possible, using a mobile-car with a megaphone to alter communities to the information for 5 days.
  • The information will also be broadcast via community mechanisms and mosque. We will work with community leaders to ensure that the community receives reliable information that dispels misinformation and rumours related to the pandemic.
  • Prepare, package and distribute essential supplies including soaps, masks and hygiene materials. This is of particular relevance in high-density returnee areas where overcrowding and congestion in camps limits social separation or isolation; improved health and hygiene practices are essential to reduce risk of infection and critical illness.
  • Returnees will also receive an information packet that includes health and hygiene practice posters for further sharing amongst their families, and communities.

A total of 6,000 masks, 1,486 soaps and 1,000 information packages will be distributed to returnees and children during 1 month of project duration.